Duan Qiang meets with Algerian Ambassador to China

2019-12-02 20:08 来源:澎湃新闻·澎湃号·政务

On November 28th, Chairman of the World Tourism Alliance (here in after referred to as the WTA) Duan Qiang met with the ambassador of Algeria to China Ahcène Boukhelfa at the Beijing International Hotel.
First of all, Duan Qiang expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Ambassador Ahcène Boukhelfa for his concern and support to the WTA. Duan Qiang said that Algeria has a time-honored history and unique tourism resources as the largest African and Mediterranean country. As a comprehensive platform for the international tourism industry, the WTA would like to, he said, support Algeria in international tourism cooperation and welcome powerful associations and companies from Algeria to participate in the activities of the WTA.
Ambassador Ahcène Boukhelfa said that he was deeply impressed by the WTA·Xianghu Dialogue held this September which made him feel the influence of the WTA in the international tourism industry. Algeria would like its tourism companies to get more involved in the activities of the WTA and become a member of the WTA. Also, Algeria would like to donate collections as its contribution to the World Tourism Museum which is of great significance. He expressed his hope that bilateral communication and cooperation could be enhanced in the future.
The meeting was also attended by Secretary General of the WTA Liu Shijun and Director Division of General Administration of the WTA Zhang Yuan.
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